Microsoft is building a ‘console-free’ streaming device for Game Pass

Microsoft is working to expand Game Pass access

Microsoft has announced that it is working on more ways for gamers to access Game Pass, including the creation of an entirely new device.

Ahead of the Microsoft and Bethesda E3 showcase, Microsoft has shared plans to expand the accessibility and catalogue of the Xbox Game Pass service.

The biggest news is that Xbox is currently building a streaming device that utilizes cloud gaming, allowing gamers to access the service “without the need for a console at all.”


Xbox is also currently working on embedding “the Xbox experience” into smart TVs.

Although there is no current timeframe for the above features, later in the year browser-based cloud gaming will be made available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. This service will work on Edge, Chrome and Safari browsers.

Later this year, cloud gaming software will also be added to the PC Xbox app and integrated with consoles to allow “try before you buy” features.

Though Microsoft is seemingly investing a significant amount of resources into cloud gaming, PC Gamer reports that the company is also working “on new hardware and platforms for future consoles.”

It may come as no surprise that Microsoft is investing heavily into Xbox Game Pass.


Speaking with Phil Spencer, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella affirms that he believes Microsoft has an “incredible competitive advantage” with its ability to improve the subscription value of the service.

Xbox Game Pass has been incredibly popular since its launch, and currently has around 18 million subscribers.

After Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda in September, 20 titles from the studio – such as Fallout, DOOM, The Elder Scrolls and more – were made available to play with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

In other news, Microsoft is continuing to double down on the Xbox Game Pass catalogue and has committed to adding at least one new, first-party game to the service every quarter.

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