Microsoft publishes revised Xbox accessibility guidelines

The company is committed to “constantly improving and raising the bar for inclusive gaming”

Microsoft has just announced new plans for accessibility measures, with a revised edition of the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines (XAGs).

The Xbox Accessibility Guidelines provide a “comprehensive set of best practices” for the gaming industry to follow. Developed by the Microsoft Gaming Accessibility team, the guidelines help designers test the accessibility of a game.

In a blog post published yesterday (February 17), Microsoft introduced the revised edition of the XAGs, featuring improvements based on feedback from both the development community and the gaming and disability community.


Xbox Adaptive Controller
Credit: Microsoft

Developers can now send Xbox or PC games directly to the Microsoft accessibility team to test inclusivity measures.

Should they find any issues with a game, the development team will be provided with reproduction steps and screenshots, showing how a certain aspect of a game may be challenging for an individual with disabilities.

Microsoft also released the Xbox Adaptive Controller in 2018, a modular controller that makes user input more accessible for a range of disabilities. The controller can be customised in a number of ways, and can even work on competitor consoles.

Microsoft has also been working on improving features across the Xbox Series S & X, including efforts to expand the quick resume feature.