Microsoft renews ‘Fable’ trademark ahead of Xbox Games Studios event

A Twitter account for the game also recently surfaced

A trademark application for Fable has been submitted by Microsoft which seems to suggest that the company intends to use the franchise again.

While it’s standard practice for companies to renew licenses, the most notable inclusion on the application is the “intent to use” trademark being marked as “yes”, from the “no” it originally was, as spotted by IGN,

This news comes after a Twitter account was recently spotted branding the Fable tag. General manager of Xbox games narketing, Aaron Greenberg, debunked the rumours in a tweet that the account has “been inactive for years, it’s standard practice to secure social handles for our (Xbox) IP”. However, the account states it was created in March 2020.


The cancelled Fable Legends project. Credit: Microsoft

Rumours of the upcoming sequel have been circling for years with Forza Horizon developer Playground Games reportedly helming Fable 4. For years the developer has been advertising roles for an “open world action-RPG” alongside a report from Eurogamer in 2018 which claimed that Microsoft was working on a new Fable instalment.

Microsoft is gearing up for its event in July which aims to give viewers a first-look at upcoming first-party titles coming to the Xbox Series X. The trademark renewal seemingly hints that the long rumoured Fable 4 could be making an appearance during the showcase, alongside already confirmed titles such as Halo Infinite and Psychonauts 2.

The event is yet to receive a confirmed date. Video Games Chronicle reported yesterday (July 1) that sources disclosed the date as July 23. Xbox is also hosting a Summer Games Fest event that week, which will see over 60 demos for players at home to download and try.

Sony recently released its first-look at the PS5 with a presentation that delved into upcoming titles for the console, such as Horizon Forbidden West and a Demon Souls remake. It was also the first time the world got to see what the upcoming console will look like, with both original and digital-only version revealed.

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