Microsoft will honour Bethesda’s PlayStation 5 exclusives

Future Bethesda games will release on other consoles on a “case-by-case basis”

Microsoft has confirmed that it will honour Bethesda’s current slate of timed-exclusives for the PlayStation 5.

Following Microsoft’s announcement that it has acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, Bloomberg has reported that Xbox head Phil Spencer is committed to honouring the pre-existing deals between Bethesda and Sony.

Bethesda is currently working on Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo as timed-exclusives for Sony, meaning the games would be exclusive to the PS5 for a fixed time period before releasing on other consoles. Both games are currently expected to arrive in 2021.


Spencer has also confirmed that future Bethesda games in the pipeline will release on other consoles on a “case-by-case basis”, hinting that several games from Bethesda’s roster could become exclusive to Xbox.

Microsoft chief executive officer Satya Nadella added: “When we think about strategy whether it’s in gaming or any other part of Microsoft, each layer has to stand on its own for what it brings. When we talk about our content we want our content to be broadly available.”

Spencer welcomed Bethesda in an Xbox Wire post, looking forward to the new partnership. “Bethesda’s games have always had a special place on Xbox and in the hearts of millions of gamers around the world,” he said. “Bethesda are passionate believers in building a diverse array of creative experiences, in exploring new game franchises, and in telling stories in bold ways.”

Microsoft’s US$7.5billion acquisition of Bethesda is expected to close by June 30, 2021, and will be the biggest gaming deal in history, according to Bloomberg.

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