‘Minecraft’ 1.18 update will blend old and new worlds together

A whole new world

Minecraft developers Mojang has put a strong emphasis on preserving players’ worlds in the new 1.18 update which will be coming in “a month or two”.

During its Minecraft Live showcase on October 16, it announced that the new 1.18 update featuring ‘Caves and Cliffs part 2’ would be released soon as it is almost finished. The new update is ambitious in scale as it introduces larger mountains and deeper caves.

Mojang previously announced that it would be splitting the 1.18 update, introducing ‘The Deep Dark’ feature set into a future update alongside ‘The Wilds’, which will feature the mangrove swamp biome, which adds new building materials, frogs and tadpoles.


Instead, Mojang has been focusing on blending player’s current worlds seamlessly into the new aspects of the update. There will now be blending added to Minecraft so that the new mountains will appear as if they were always there.

The new caves which are being added will also be added below the player’s current world. The aim is to give users the feeling that these added areas were there all along, and simply that players had not explored far enough to find them.

Mojang also wanted to thank the Minecraft community for all their help in developing the new update and their invaluable feedback. It stressed how invaluable the players are to the development of Minecraft comparing it to more of a collaboration than other games.

Elsewhere in the news, the developer of We Happy Few, Compulsion Games has announced that it is working with Microsoft to develop a new game with more of a narrative focus than its previous title.

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