‘Minecraft’ 1.19 snapshot gets “experimental” launch to debut Wardens

The full 1.19 update is expected to release in 2022

A snapshot of Minecraft’s 1.19 update has been released, and it’s introducing some scary new elements to the game.

Called the Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot, it introduces Wardens, Shriekers and Sensors. Wardens are creatures that lurk in the dark caves of Minecraft that can’t see the player but can hear them, so making any noise is strongly unadvised.

Sculk Shriekers are blocks that also respond to noise, and if they hear any they will let out a loud shriek that summons the Warden. Sculk Sensors are also new, and operate very similarly to Shriekers, except they emit a redstone signal if they detect vibrations. It’s advised that players use wool to muffle their movements, and use silk touch to grab the Sensor.


Other blocks in Minecraft’s 1.19 snapshot aren’t as sensitive, but there’s some opportunities for Sculk decorations from them.

Minecraft. Credit: Mojang/Microsoft

The update is still a work in progress, so all of these elements are likely to change when 1.19 releases sometime this year. The snapshot can only be used in newly created worlds and in the Java edition of the game, however.

Both an image-based and text guide have been published explaining how to get the Minecraft 1.19 snapshot working, so here’s what needs to be done to play it.

Firstly players need to download a zip file, and then unpack it into the “versions” folder in their Minecraft data folder. Then a new launch installation needs to be created by selecting the  “pending 1.19_deep_dark_experimental_snapshot-1” version. Once the game is started up, the rest of the files will be downloaded at the 1.19 snapshot will be playable.

Feedback for the experimental snapshot can be given to Mojang here.


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