‘Minecraft Dungeons’ kicks off season one with a new area and rewards

Cloudy Climb is live now

Minecraft Dungeons season one has officially launched, bringing with it new features including a new gameplay area and reward system.

With the free “Season 1: Cloudy Climb” update, the developer has introduced the Tower, a new gameplay area available for all players. In the Tower, the player controls an avatar who initially has no gear, but slowly collects it through a selection of rewards they earn as they progress.

The Tower has 30 different floors featuring mobs and bosses and becomes harder in difficulty as they go on. The goal is to make it as high up as possible and earn the best rewards. The Tower’s floors will also change every few weeks, which gives the player a limited window to master its current layout.


A new progression system has been added to Minecraft Dungeons, allowing new cosmetic rewards to be unlocked, including capes, emotes, pets, flairs, and skins. By completing regular gameplay missions or weekly challenges, players can earn Adventure Points, and the more points they earn the higher their Adventure Rank.

Accessing the Adventure Hub from The Camp allows players to view their progress, while a free track of rewards is available to all players, as well as a premium track that is available to those who purchase the Season one Adventure Pass.

Finally, up to ten new achievements have also been added for players to discover and unlock. The full list of patch notes for version can also be viewed on Steam.

Elsewhere, Thunder Lotus Games has released the final update for Spiritfarer which features characters Jackie and Daria. Alongside this content update, the developer also released Spiritfarer: The Farewell Edition which is a free update for the base game and includes all previous content drops including the latest Jackie and Daria patch.

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