‘Minecraft’ has been beaten blindfolded in just over half an hour

"There will be other runs following this, and their time will beat this easily"

A Minecraft player has done what was once thought impossible, and beaten the game blindfolded in just over half an hour.

The video was uploaded by YouTuber FrozenMelody earlier in the week (October 13), with the run classed as an Any per cent Set Seed. This means that the run was done on a specific Minecraft world, and not a randomly generated seed, but it doesn’t make it any less impressive. The run clocks in at 33:35 and can be watched below.


The run was done with no external audio, which FrozenMelody says means the only audio they had was from the actual game itself. They added in the video description that they “constructed this route to be “as safe as possible” and to be “replicable by anyone” who can memorize it.  As long as you follow the exact route, the only enemy is RNG (villagers, trading reroll, fish, enemies, dragon) and your own input mistakes.”

This doesn’t mean the run is easy, as FrozenMelody apparently has over 100 clips of failed attempts, coming down to errors like misclicks, imprecise movements, villagers pushing them, and even picking up an unwanted item.

FrozenMelody also guarantees that “there will be other runs following this, and their time will beat this easily.  Sub 30, and even sub 20. Heck, you know someone will be that “one who went with the bed strats and FINALLY pulled it off once and got a sub 5″.”

There were also a few mods used for the run, accessibility plus helped with inventory navigation, numpad camera control allowed for camera angle changes, and fabric API was needed for those to work in the first place.

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