‘Minecraft’ player makes a functional car without using mods

The 'Minecraft' car uses Redstone and a Command Block to take the driver wherever they need to go

A player in Minecraft has created a working car in the game without any help from mods, and has detailed how people can make their own.

The functional car was created by YouTuber Mysticat (thanks, PCGamesN), who debuts the car in the below video.


Mysticat opens the video by saying that although players have already found ways to create crude cars using Redstone, they thought that would be “boring” and instead wanted to make “an actual fully-decorated car that players can move around in any direction and free will.”

After landing on a design and decorating the car with a creative use of glass and signs, Mysticat gets to work making it move.

The basic premise is that the car uses a Command Block to move forward by using a clone command. It’s not a smooth engineering process – at one point the car moves too quickly to catch up with, and another error sees Mysticat hit by their own vehicle.

Eventually, Mysticat is able to tie their car’s movement to the player – meaning whichever way they walk, the car should move with them.

Minecraft Mud bricks
Minecraft. Credit: Mojang.

Once the finer details are sorted, Mysticat takes their new car to compete in a race with several other YouTubers. The catch is that Mysticat has not warned their friends that a car will be involved – leaving them to run on their own two feet.


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