‘Minecraft’ player recreates Pelican Town from ‘Stardew Valley’

Now let us play in it!

A Minecraft builder has recreated Stardew Valley‘s Pelican Town in-game, featuring almost every character’s home.

The player originally shared screenshots of their build on Reddit last week (July 29) – as spotted by PCGamer – showing the progress of their Minecraft town so far.

At the time the build only featured the main square of Pelican Town which consists of the local Stardrop Saloon, Pierre’s general store, and Harvey’s clinic, as well as several townsfolk homes.


If you’re familiar with Stardew Valley you’ll know that Pelican Town is fairly large in scale, not only featuring a town square but several areas for exploration, a beach, and your character’s own farm space.

Minecraft Stardew Valley build
Credit: rwww_

The Minecraft player and Redditor – who goes by ‘rwww_’ on the platform – has since updated their build to show even more progress has been made. The build now even features Pelican Town’s JoJo Mart grocery store, along with the local playground.

The Pelican Town recreation uses Minecraft texture packs and shaders to make the build look more vibrant, and rwww_ has confirmed that they’re planning on building the rest.

In other news, Stardew Valley‘s creator Eric Barone has shared a little-known feature that most players won’t have noticed. He revealed that there is a way to determine if an item in your inventory is something the community centre is after, showing an in-game screenshot of a small icon.


Elsewhere, the developers behind Minecraft, Gone Home and Stanley Parable have started their own studio called Ivy Road. The studio will be supported by Annapurna Interactive, and its formation was revealed in the publisher’s recent title showcase. Ivy Road’s first game is still unannounced but one of the creators involved, The Beginner’s Guide developer Davey Wreden, has said he “can’t wait until we’re able to finally show it to all of you.”