‘Minecraft’ player recreates the ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ opening crawl

"Impressive... most impressive"

One talented Minecraft player has recreated the opening crawl from Star Wars: A New Hope using the game’s Bedrock Edition.

Number1Nathan took to the Minecraft subreddit to showcase their creation, explaining that the game’s Bedrock edition allowed them to texture the clouds and create the iconic Episode 4 opening crawl using in-game assets (via PCGamesN).

The cloud formation shows the complete crawl and although the lettering isn’t perfect since the player used Minecraft textures to create the text, it gets the job done. The video mimics the opening of Episode 4 really well too and is complete with the iconic Star Wars main theme. You can check it out below:


Another Reddit user in the comments, TheSheriff240, suggested that Number1Nathan could take it a step further by turning the in-game time to night, flipping the letters and viewing the video from underneath the cloud formation so the stars can be seen in the background.

A separate user added that the player could even let the clouds roll by and speed up the video in order to make it more smooth. Nevertheless, the Minecraft post has almost 19,000 upvotes on the subreddit and has received lots of praise from the community.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition makes the game more straightforward and includes its own store called the Minecraft Marketplace which is curated to feature high-quality content.

Mojang Studios re-released both Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition on June 7, allowing players to purchase them both together in a bundle instead of having to buy them separately.

In other news, EA is discontinuing its BioWare Points currency which will make specific Mass Effect and Dragon Age downloadable content (DLC) free for players. This includes DLC for Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 (except Multiplayer Packs).

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