‘Minecraft’ Trails and Tales update launches on June 7

The major update will introduce the archeology mechanic

Mojang Studios has announced that Minecraft‘s upcoming 1.20 Trails and Tales update will release on June 7.

The developer shared details about update 1.20 back in October but has officially confirmed the release date, stating that all players can download the major patch next month for free across all platforms.

A new blog post provides more information, where Mojang dived into the specifics. Trails and Tales will introduce camel, which can allow two riders at once, as well as the adorable “gentle giant” sniffer — which the community voted for firing Minecraft Live 2022.


Two new sets of wood will also be available to harvest for building and crafting purposes, including bamboo and cherry. The cherry trees can be found in Minecraft‘s brand-new biome, in the cherry grove.

Probably the most notable features of the update is the introduction of the archeology mechanic, which will allow players to harvest materials in sand so they can find buried ruins. They’ll be able to use the new brush tool to uncover treasures in “suspicious sand” and “suspicious gravel” blocks as well. Players can uncover other useful tools, sniffer eggs that can be hatched, or pottery pieces that can be put together.

Additionally, Trails of Tales will add a new customization option called armor trims. These can be found across the land of Minecraft while exploring and each piece can be dyed in one of ten colours; players can then add them to their armor or smithing table to be added to their collection.

For the full breakdown of updates — including quality-of-life changes coming to Minecraft — you can check out the blog post above.

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