Mobile game developer launches ‘Games For Artists’ to support musicians

Musicians can promote their music and earn money through the initiative

Mobile gaming and app developer Gismart has launched Games For Artists, a partnership for musicians that enables them to promote their music and brand through the companies new hyper-casual games.

Hyper-casual games are often described as lightweight games, allowing for easy pick-up-and-play experiences such as the widely popular Flappy Bird. They draw approximately 1 billion downloads every month.

Through these games, musicians will be able to incorporate their own lookalike in-game characters as well as promote their music and merchandise to audiences. Additionally, musicians partnered with the scheme will also receive a share in profits of the game.


Musicians partnered to the Games For Artists project will be integrated into games based on what works best for the artist, along with the in-game experience. Gismart will then be responsible for the games marketing and monetisation to bring in a large audience.

The news comes as the implications of coronavirus are felt within the music industry. With no live gigs, as well other elements being affected, Games For Artists opens up a new platform for musicians to engage with their fans, promote their brand and earn revenue.

Gismart currently has more than 10 hyper-casual games available to download, with titles such as Cool Goal! and Domino Smash gaining more than 60 million downloads each. Collectively their games have received over 500 million downloads.

The company has been working within the music industry for a number of years and have partnered with Universal Music Publishing and Sony / ATV Music Publishing. They have also previously collaborated with The Chainsmokers.

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