Mobster shooter ‘Enemy Of The State’ premieres with action-packed trailer

'Enemy of the State' is set for a mid-2024 release

Enemy of the State is an upcoming crime shooter from Brave Lamb Studio, set to release in mid-2024.

Set in the prohibition-era United States, gaining a step-up over rival gangs is the name of the game in Enemy of the State. The trailer, viewable below, features a violent stand-off between two rival gangs during a bank heist.


Brave Lamb Studio is a Polish development studio founded by industry veterans coming from studios such as Techland (Dying Light) and Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior). The studio is currently working on War Hospital, set to release later this year, and now Enemy of the State.

Set in a “stylized noir world of the 1920s”, Enemy of the State is playing on the brutal gang wars of the period. Though prohibition was a uniquely United States phenomenon, the game promises to have locations across the globe.

The store’s Steam page has gone live and it promises both co-operative and single-player capabilities. Additionally, the tagline “Gather your friends and perform heists all over the world” seems to suggest that multiplayer will be a large component of Enemy of the State.

Starting as a low-level criminal, the player will have the opportunity to work their way up the criminal ladder to become a mafia boss. This may be the basis for the plot, but it could also hint at some sort of progression system.

At the conclusion of the trailer, we can see the briefest glimpse of early prototype footage which shows the game being played from a top-down perspective.

Enemy of the State is still a while away, with the trailer revealing a release date in the middle of 2024.


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