Modders are already tearing into ‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ on PC

Cloud can now wear his favourite dress at all times

The PC port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake may have only arrived four days ago – launching December 16 – but the modding community has already had plenty of fun tweaking the game.

Square Enix’s glossy reimagining of the beloved 1997 RPG launched on PS4 in April 2020, before getting a new generation upgrade for PS5 – and a brand new chapter focusing on fan-favourite character Yuffie Kisaragi, a teenaged ninja – in June 2021. The PC version, an Epic Games Store exclusive, is based on the later release, although it has been met with disappointment and complaints about its graphics options, general performance, and high price.

While modders can’t do anything about the latter, they have gotten to work attempting to fix some of the game’s performance issues. For instance, this one, created by BobG123, disables dynamic resolution scaling, even at high frame rates, while Vanguard1776’s ‘Advent Reshade – HDR FX‘ will add “very precise HDR lighting effects to your game”.  Other complaints about the default release have complained about the game stuttering, something BaselineX’s ‘Stuttering Fix‘ mod attempts to fix.


Other mods play around more with Final Fantasy 7’s lore and iconography. AdventurerAdolChristian’s mod swapping Cloud’s Buster Sword for arch-enemy Sephiroth’s Masamune blade stands out here, as does the same creator’s costume switch exchanging Cloud’s default uniform for that of Zack, an essential character in FF7’s back story.

There are, of course, also a host of more lighthearted mods too, such as several allowing Cloud to wear – and fight – in dresses throughout the whole game, rather than just the plot section where he dresses as a woman at the Honeybee Inn.

The funniest so far, though, has to be ‘Scarlet Over Buster Sword‘, which swaps Cloud’s iconic weapon for the character model of Scarlet, the head of weapons development at evil corporation Shinra. It has no practical utility, no stat changes, but it’s so bizarre as to be hilarious.

PC gamers looking to get a little more out of Final Fantasy 7 Remake may want to watch the game’s Nexus Mods page to see what the community creates next.

In related news, Final Fantasy 14 will be offline for much of tomorrow (December 21), as Square Enix performs some hefty maintenance work. Servers will drop off at 2pm BST and remain down for at least eight hours. The work will enable Patch 6.0.1, which brings the first eight-player raid, Pandaemonium, to the MMO.