‘Modern Warfare 2’ disables attachment tuning “until further notice”

The feature was apparently causing crashes

Infinity Ward has announced it will be disabling attachment tuning in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 while it investigates a bug.

The feature is disabled “until further notice” after players were reporting the game crashing if they had five attachments tuned.

“We are disabling attachment tuning until further notice to investigate crashes for users with 5 attachments tuned,” said Infinity Ward in a Tweet. “If you currently have a tuned attachment equipped, you will need to unequip and reequip it to use your loadout,” the developers continued.


Attachment tuning allows players to increase or decrease the pros & cons of attachments. The feature is unlocked when a player’s weapon reaches its max level.

Over the weekend, Infinity Ward also quietly disabled Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s ping system in order to combat “wallhack” cheaters.

Following the launch of the game last week, players discovered that if you pinged an enemy during the death screen transition, the marker remained for the rest of the game.

The ping system is currently out of action, though Infinity Ward has yet to officially address the issue or announce when it will be restored.


Following the release of Modern Warfare 2, narrative director Brian Bloom confirmed that the game is “not based on actual events” despite some similarities.

“We’re not doing any commentary on current events. We’re inspired by events,” Bloom said. “We want you to feel like when you play the game, it’s happening in the world that you live in, and our heroes are here to do things that put the world back the way it was, in the way we left it, to restore it.”

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