‘Modern Warfare 2’ is “not based on actual events” says developer

“It’s an entertainment adventure”

Modern Warfare 2’s full release launched worldwide today (October 28) and in the midst of the excitement, the game’s narrative director Brian Bloom is keen to confirm that the game is “not based on actual events” despite some similarities.

Heard by PCGamesN during an interview, Bloom explained the “ethos” behind the latest instalment in the first-person shooter (FPS) franchise as an “entertainment adventure”. “As far as real people and real places doing real things, you know, these are not based on actual events,” he said, “We’re not doing any commentary on current events. We’re inspired by events,” Bloom clarified.

Bloom, who began his career with the Call of Duty franchise as a voice actor, working on nine titles before he moved into writing for the game, continued: “We want you to feel like when you play the game, it’s happening in the world that you live in, and our heroes are here to do things that put the world back the way it was, in the way we left it, to restore it.” Bloom then said, “And that’s part of the kind of ethos on the Modern Warfare side of the house.”


In Jake Tucker’s NME review of Modern Warfare 2, he said that there are “about six hours of hectic blasting” in the campaign mode which include infiltrating a dock in Amsterdam and shooting through a Mexican prison. Tucker said that the mission ‘Alone’ “works better narratively than mechanically” whilst a separate mission chasing a target across the Mexican border contains some “icky politics”.

Alongside the launch of Modern Warfare 2, players on Xbox and PC have noticed that the crossplay toggle option isn’t showing in-game for them, rendering them unable to disable crossplay at all. As well as this, PlayStation users will be receiving more in-game exclusive content post-launch according to an update on the Call of Duty website.