Mojang Studios help ‘Make A Wish’ dream come true with a beefy ‘Minecraft’ cafe

The Make-A-Wish Foundation organised trip saw the architect become a game developer for the day

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps make wishes come true for children with terminal and critical illnesses, has helped an aspiring game developer live out his Minecraft fantasies.

As part of their ongoing work, one of these wishes saw one kid visit a bunch of different studios, including Mojang Studios‘ new Seattle-based offices, as “he wanted to spend the day with game developers, learning the ins and outs of creating a game.”

In a post detailing the visit, Minecraft Community Manager Kristina Horner explains that “while he had the chance to spend time with a number of different studios within Xbox, the Minecraft team tried to make our time with him something really unique.”


After a quick, COVID-safe tour of their new studio space, the team at Mojang let the kid direct a building challenge.

Minecraft's McDragons Restaurant
Minecraft’s McDragons Restaurant. Credit: Mojang

“When we asked our young friend what his ‘dream build’ was, he truly couldn’t decide. There were so many wonderful things to build, and yet so little time during our visit. “So here’s where we landed: ‘Let’s make a crater and fill it with cows.’”

“So that’s what we did”. After filling the crater with cows and adding a see-through observation deck, they topped the whole build off with a restaurant called McDragons. The only thing on the menu? Hamburgers.

There was also a dragon head security system installed in the back room of the restaurant, presumably to guard McDragons’ secret sauce.

In a quote given to Nintendolife, another community manager Matt Gartzke explained how “our guest had the ideas of what to build and we collaborated with him on building it. We didn’t really have a set goal in mind at the beginning but it quickly evolved over the course of the session.”


He also went on to say how the architect “was one of the first people outside of Mojang Studios to see the new space, including our massive 60+ foot long timeline of the history of Minecraft.”

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