‘Monster Hunter Rise’ welcomes Apex Monsters and Elder Dragons in free update

Players will also be able to hunt Apex Monsters

Capcom have revealed the monsters and features that will be coming to Monster Hunter Rise in Title Update 2.0 on April 28.

During the Monster Hunter digital event, elder dragons Teostra and Kushala Daora were confirmed as new additions for Monster Hunter Rise. They will join the game alongside long-teased elder dragon Chameleos, and apex versions of regular monsters Rathalos and Diablos.

The free update will launch tomorrow (April 28) and will lift the hunter rank cap, add new monsters, new event quests, new arena challenges, and new weapons and armour. A trailer is available below:


With the hunter rank cap lifted, players will be able to earn higher ranks, letting them go on new adventures, and fight new combinations of monsters, as well as apex monsters.

Capcom also revealed that harder rampage quests would be coming, as well as new story quests. Layered armour, which lets players customise the visual design of their armour whilst retaining the original armours stats is also locked behind higher hunter ranks.

Finally, Capcom are amending the “Edit Hunter Appearance” option in the game. Paid tickets are now needed to fully change a hunter’s name, gender, and other cosmetic features, with every hunter getting one free ticket on the Nintendo eShop.

Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise. Credit: Capcom

Currently, players can change their hunter’s hair and tattoos, and there is no confirmation as of yet if this will remain the same or be locked behind the ticket functionality too.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 also received a trailer during the stream, as well as a video that that went into detail about the game’s combat. Both games will have crossover content in the form of cosmetic costumes available for both Rise and Stories.

The next update for Rise, which will complete the game’s story, is slated for release at the end of May.

Monster Hunter Rise hit five million units shipped after its first week, meaning the franchise as a whole has sold 70million copies.

The game will continue to be expanded through the release of extra monsters, and multiple larger DLC packs which will conclude the game’s narrative.

Monster Hunter Rise, which is currently a Switch exclusive, has also been confirmed for a PC release in early 2022, which will make it the second Monster Hunter title to have a worldwide PC release.