‘Monster Hunter Rise’ for PC will include all bonus Switch content

PC players can expect a lot of free (and strange) crossover content

Capcom has confirmed that when Monster Hunter Rise launches for the PC, it will come with all post-launch content and DLC (downloadable content) that is available on the Nintendo Switch version.

As spotted by EuroGamer, yesterday (November 25) Capcom posted an update to Steam sharing “the available content at release”.

In the post, Capcom clarified that “When Monster Hunter Rise launches on Steam, it will include all of the content up to Ver.3.6.1 of the Nintendo Switch version”. There are also plans “to sync the content with the Nintendo Switch version at the end of February 2022”.


That being said, Capcom takes the moment to remind players that Monster Hunter Rise for PC will not support cross-platform or cross-save features with the Nintendo Switch version.

Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise. Credit: Capcom.

Since launching in March 2021, there’s been plenty of DLC released that PC fans can look forward to. The latest new content included a collaboration with Sonic The Hedgehog, which launches today (November 26) and adds several slightly peculiar-looking costumes based on characters from the series.

That’s not the only gaming crossover to grace Monster Hunter Rise. There’s also been additions from Mega Man and Street Fighter, and Ōkami, all of which will be available from day one on PC.

However, PC and Nintendo Switch fans alike will still need to wait for Sunbreak, a massive paid expansion that’s set to launch in Summer 2022. The “new, ominous chapter” is set to “finally put the mysteries of the Thunder and Wind Serpents to rest”.


In other news, Valheim has added a terrifying new swamp monster and a fresh set of light armour. Earning the new Root Armour set doesn’t come without considerable risk, as players will need to tackle The Abomination to earn materials needed to craft it.

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