‘Monster Hunter Rise’ next crossover is Rush from ‘Mega Man’

Who's a good robo-dog?

Capcom has announced Rush from the Mega Man series as its next Capcom Collab for Monster Hunter Rise, as a new Palamute layered armour.

The new free DLC is available from September 24, although like previous DLC, it will require players to complete a specific Event Quest in order to obtain the parts to craft.

Mega Man’s robotic dog has been a mainstay in the classic platforming series since 1990’s Mega Man 3 on the NES, although the clip showing Rush in action is inspired by his latest iteration in Mega Man 11.


As well as turning a Hunter’s Palamute into Rush, there are also new animations that make them act like Rush. When riding a Palamute, players can hold down ZL which usually acts as a high-speed drift boost, but in this case will activate the Rush Jet. Similarly, when players jump off their Palamute while riding, the jumping dismount animation changes to the Rust Coil, which makes a large spring pop out of Rush’s back.

Rush is the fourth of the Capcom Collab events for Monster Hunter Rise as part of the game’s content roadmap, and the second layered armour for Palamutes following one that lets them turn into sun goddess Amaterasu from Okami.

Other crossovers include a Palico layered armour based on Tsukino from Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin, while hunters can also get a layered armour that turns them into Akuma from the Street Fighter series. The end of the Rush trailer indicates one more Capcom Collab for the game releasing later in the fall.

Elsewhere, Castlevania Advanced Collection has been rated in Taiwan, making this the third rating found this year including from Australia and South Korea, although such a collection has yet to be announced officially by the series publisher Konami.

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