‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”s first major update releases tomorrow

Four new monsters are being added, alongside a new quest system and much more

Capcom has revealed the details of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak‘s first major post-launch update, confirming an August 10 release date.

During the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event today (August 9), the publisher released the content trailer for the free Title Update 1.

To start off, the update will bring four new monsters including the newly revealed Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian, who have both appeared in multiple Monster Hunter games in the past.


There’s also Lucent Nargacuga, a rare species that first debuted in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate which can turn invisible, and the Seething Bazelgeuse which has explosive scales. Players will also be able to experience the return of the Forlorn Arena locale, home to the Lucent Nargacuga.


New armour sets will be available to players when the update releases. There are four in total, each coming equipped with new skills, and all representative of the new monsters. The player must first be MR 10 in order to fight them, although not all four armour sets will unlock at once.

Capcom also revealed that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak‘s endgame Anomaly Quests will receive four big new additions to expand the player’s journey. Right now, Anomaly Quests are introduced up until A4, but with the update, it will add A5 rank Anomaly Quests, which brings in a new set of Afflicted Monsters like Lunagaron, Mizutsune, and more. Some of these monsters will be unlockable through Anomaly Investigations.

Anomaly Investigations is another new quest system where quest conditions like the target monster, locale, and the number of players are all decided at random. They have a set level which determines the strength of the monster and the types of rewards players receive after beating them. In turn, rewards open new upgrades for weapons and armour.


In addition, Title Update 1 will introduce Qurious Crafting, a new way of strengthening weapons and armour beyond their current state; each skill type has levels too. After collecting items through Anomaly Investigations, players will be able to exchange them at Bahari’s Research Lab. These materials can be used when Qurious Crafting.

Credit: Capcom

Event quests are making a return too, starting on August 18, and will be released weekly. There’s also another challenging event quest called “Dual Threats,” where players will face off against two monsters at the same time.

Capcom is also adding a bunch of downloadable content (DLC) armour, hairstyles, emotes and BGM to the in-game store. You can take a look over on the official website.

In other news, Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to Fall Guys.

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