‘Monster Hunter Rise’ will have two major DLC expansions

Players can expect the story to conclude at the end of the second major expansion

A recent livestream with Monster Hunter Rise’s director has revealed that the game’s story will not end until its second major expansion.

In a Q&A segment during the stream, Yasunori Ichinose was asked about expansion packs for the forthcoming Monster Hunter Rise. The director explained that the first DLC had already been announced, which will include the legendary monster Chameleos, but also confirmed that a second DLC pack will conclude the game’s narrative.

Additionally, Ichinose said that the initial DLC expansion will remove the Hunter Rank cap.


No details have been provided for when players can expect the second DLC to arrive but the first major expansion is expected to release in April, likely a month after the game’s release date of March 26.

Several new features were shown off during the livesteam, including the Rampage mode. Rampage is a base defence mode that involves both human and AI players taking on a horde of aggressive monsters.

Players must last as long as possible using a mix of combat, traps and items. The new mode scales difficulty depending on how many human players there are.

A colour-coded system for enemies helps players predict behaviours, with red enemies acting aggressive towards hunters, green enemies firing projectiles, and blue monsters heading directly towards barricades and gates.

There are also major threats and apex monsters, which can appear randomly in the mode. These two types of monsters pose far more of a challenge than standard enemies but will offer players additional rewards for slaying them.


Capcom recently confirmed a July release for its other Monster Hunter title, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin.

The game will introduce co-op multiplayer quests in which players will be able to team up with up to four players to battle dangerous monsters across the land.