‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’ gameplay details and ‘Rise’ update revealed

'Monster Hunter Rise' Version 3.0 update features a new story ending and goes live later today

A new Monster Hunter digital event today (May 25) unveiled new gameplay details for the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories 2 as well as the latest update to Monster Hunter Rise.

The stream began with a new story trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2, providing the first look at a mysterious light causing monsters to enter an enraged frenzy.

As well as introducing new characters, the Stories 2 segment was focused on showcasing how players can collect monster eggs from dens then hatch a ‘monstie’ to raise and use in battle.


The Rite of Channelling was another new feature, which allows players to transfer genes from one monstie to another to pass on new abilities to create monsties with their unique abilities they naturally wouldn’t have.

The latter half of the stream was dedicated to the Version 3.0 update of Monster Hunter Rise, which introduced Crimson Glow Valstrax, a new version of the flagship monster from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

An Apex Zinogre was also shown but the final monster was kept under wraps during the stream to avoid spoiling the new ending that concludes the story in Rise.

Along with the new update, there will also be new DLC, including new hunter voices, hairstyles, and poses, which can all be purchased in a DLC pack.


Capcom also provided a roadmap of more content to come for the rest of the summer. These look set to take the form of event quests, more cosmetic DLC, as well as ‘Capcom Collab’ events, which will provide rewards crossing over with other Capcom IP.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 releases on Nintendo Switch and PC on July 9. The Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.0 update goes live later today (May 26 5pm PDT, May 27 1am BST).

Monster Hunter Rise is also coming to PC in early 2022.

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