‘Monument Valley 2’ gets eco-friendly update

New chapter The Lost Forest is available now

Monument Valley 2 just got an environmentally friendly update as developer UsTwo Games adds a new chapter, The Lost Forest.

This new Monument Valley 2 update was developed as part of the Green Game Jam – an event where more than 25 studios from around the globe collaborated to produce green content.

“Brand new chapter The Lost Forest sets out to remind players of the beauty of trees, and the importance of the preservation of our world’s forests as a crucial ally in the fight against climate change,” said UsTwo Games.


“The new content was created as part of Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam, a global game industry initiative run by the UNEP which seeks to empower millions of gamers to act for nature.”

The Lost Forest has launched four years after the game’s original launch. This new chapter aims to encourage players to take action against deforestation by signing the Play 4 Forests petition. Play 4 Forests hopes to urge UN leaders to take measures towards sustainable forestation by reaching over 1 million signatures.

“Our forests, one of our best allies in fighting the climate emergency, are facing mounting threats,” says Play 4 Forests. “Your voice can help secure a better future for forests and humans. As the UN, it is our mission to forge change for a sustainable future, but only with your help we can make the international community truly act.”

The Lost Forest will include four new “intimate” scenes which aim to give trees a voice.

Monument Valley 2 is available right now on Android and iOS, while The Lost Forest will be free to all Monument Valley 2 players.


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