More info on five-star ‘Genshin Impact’ Anemo character leaked

The first character from Inazuma

An unannounced Genshin Impact five-star Anemo character has been leaked after being found in an old datamine.

The leak initially surfaced five months ago at the end of 2020 [via GameRant], revealing unannounced Genshin Impact character ‘Kaedehara Kazuha’. Kazuha, initially thought to be named Tohama, is a ronin (a wandering warrior with no master) from Inazuma, and has an Anemo Vision on his rucksack.

Genshin Impact leaks are becoming less regular due to developer miHoYo cracking down on them with legal sanctions. Some Twitter accounts responsible for many accurate leaks, such as Zeniet, are still releasing insider information, however.


In their tweet about the new character, Zeniet described Kazuha’s ability to support the team as “combining Anemo with other elements and dealing AoE damage by gathering enemies together”. The new Genshin Impact character was also revealed to have their birthday on October 29.

Kazuha is the first of Genshin Impact‘s Inazuma characters, but although many speculative stats and items have been leaked in relation to him, they may still be subject to change. A potential weapon for Kazuha has been shared, named the “Boreas Precocity”, a five-star sword with an Elemental Mastery secondary stat.

Last week (April 21), miHoYo shared some more details about the Genshin Impact PS5 release. Already available through backward compatibility, the free-to-play RPG will be receiving a dedicated PS5 version this week.

This new native version will utilise the PS5’s hardware to make Genshin Impact’s world “even more detailed, more vivid, and more immersive”, according to technical director Zhenzhong Yi.

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