‘Mortal Kombat’ behind the scenes footage revealed for 30th anniversary

Creator Ed Boon breaks down Scorpion’s "Get Over Here!"

Ed Boon, the creator of the Mortal Kombat series, has revealed new behind the scenes footage from the legendary arcade fighter in honour of it being 30 years since work began on the game.

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In a tweet thread, Boon began by showing off a new video which featured the actor behind Scorpion’s movements, Daniel Pesina, being captured for inclusion in the original game.


During the video, you can see the idea for Scorpion’s most iconic move, throwing his spear and screaming “Get over here!” being improvised between Ed Boon and fellow Mortal Kombat creator, John Tobias.

The young creators can be seen explaining to the actor how they want the move to look, such as how they wanted the actor’s arm to be parallel with his chest at the end of the frame. This, Boon also revealed, was to ensure that the move would sail over crouching opponents.

Off camera you can hear John Tobias mimicking the sound of a snake in order to describe how he would like the spear to move.

As part of this tweet thread, Ed Boon also revealed a few of the tricks he employed in order to fit all of the game into the limited memory available in 1991. For example, due to not being able to add any more new animations for the victims of the spear, they instead borrowed from previously recorded frames. In this case, the pair can be heard discussing reusing a ‘knockdown’ animation.

Boon also revealed that they reused animations used for fatalities in order to create the motion of characters being pulled across the screen by the spear.


Ed Boon finished by saying that he hopes to reveal more behind the scenes content leading up to the anniversary of the game’s release in 2022.

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