‘Mortal Kombat’ co-creator responds to Keanu Reeves character appearances

"I don’t want to see an MK character appear in a John Wick or Matrix movie"

Co-creator of Mortal Kombat Ed Boon has taken to Twitter to pen a lighthearted response to Keanu Reeves’ statement that some of his characters shouldn’t appear in the series. 

For the unaware, Reeves recently did an interview with Esquire where he was asked if Neo from The Matrix or the eponymous John Wick would make an appearance in the fighting game series.

“If it was up to me? No. Mortal Kombat is awesome in so many ways, but I think… um you know, Neo, John Wick, yeah man they’re doing their own thing. Mortal Kombat‘s doing their own thing,” Reeves said.


Mortal Kombat 11
Mortal Kombat 11. Credit: NetherRealm Studios

It is worth noting that The Matrix is opened by Warner Bros., who also own Mortal Kombat, so that crossover could very much happen, whilst John Wick is a lot less likely.

This is where Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon comes in, as he playfully responded to the situation on Twitter (on November 24) saying “I don’t want to see an MK character appear in a John Wick or Matrix movie. As cool as those movies are, I just don’t think they are a good fit.”

In an interview from 2016, Boon told Game Informer that suggestions from Warner Bros. for Mortal Kombat 9 guest characters came up. “I remember they brought up Neo,” said Boon at the time. “So there were a whole bunch of ones that for business reasons or that creatively we didn’t think they’d fit.”

Boon added that horror characters seemed to be the ones “to lend themselves to it”.


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