‘Mortal Kombat’ fans confused as Jezebel asks “Who forgot to invite Chun-Li?”

Just where is she from, anyway?

An article on feminist website Jezebel caused a stir when a writer asked “Who forgot to invite Chun-Li?” to the release of the Mortal Kombat trailer.

In the post, writer Shannon Melero praises the Mortal Kombat trailer as “the dog’s bollocks”, but lamented the omission of character Chun-Li from the film. Chun-Li is part of the Street Fighter series of games, not affiliated with Mortal Kombat – which fans were quick to point out.

The trailer for Mortal Kombat was released on February 18, for the upcoming film due to air on HBO Max on April 16. The trailer has already gained traction for a notable absence of Johnny Cage, but the Jezebel article soon spread through Twitter leading to many creative reactions.


Whether or not the article was a joke remains to be seen, but Jezebel does tend to lean toward satire in its articles. “Being the astute film critic that I am,” began the article by Melero, “I immediately clocked a glaring error in the film. Where in all the realms is Chun-Li?

“If there is a battle for the fate of Earth then don’t we need all the greatest warriors gathered, which would include Chun-Li and her spinning bird kick that can knock a man’s head clean off? Sounds like a pretty big plot hole to me that the ultimate street fight is supposed to be won by a ragtag team helmed by Sonya Blade, no offense to the Sonya stans.”

Bosslogic on Instagram produced a poster blending the two franchises together:

Brian Altano replied stating Chun-Li was from Tekken:


While Adam K asserted she was in fact from Virtua Fighter:

Given the mention of “street fight” in the article, many have written it off as a joke – but the responses on Twitter prompted an update to the site a few hours later.

“Update 4:39 p.m.: Jezebel has discovered the answer to our question about Chun Li’s erasure, and it is that Chun Li is not part of the Mortal Kombat megaverse. Wow!” stated the correction.

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