‘Mortal Online 2’ players facing 24-hour login queues

More servers will be added

Star Vault’s recently released MMO Mortal Online 2 has been putting players into queues for as long as 36 hours.

Mortal Online 2 is a skill-based MMO with first-person combat, unlike many games in the genre. The game also features PvP at any time where everything can be looted from a player’s body. Everyone in the game will exist on the same continent, within the same server. However, this is causing problems with login queue times (as reported by PCGamer).

It appears the developer Star Vault was not expecting as many players as they ended up with, and server capacity has been a problem since launch. While SteamDB shows that the original Mortal Online had an all-time peak concurrent player count of 1,185 players, its sequel has sold over 110,000 copies and reached the fourth spot in Steam’s best-selling list.


Since its launch, Mortal Online 2 has achieved a peak concurrent player count of 9,657, and this appears to be too much for the server. The Steam reviews for the game are 60 per cent negative, with players saying, “I was lucky enough to play for a few days post-launch which required me to leave both my PC and game running without logging out, or I would have to return to the 6-24+ hour queue if I was able to get back in at all.”

Players have been leaving their accounts logged in to the game as Mortal Online 2 has no detection for idle players. As such, spaces that would open up for those in the queue have been kept occupied, adding to the capacity problem.

Star Vault CEO Henrik Nyström posted an announcement that said that subscription time would be paused until the issues are resolved. In a second announcement, he added that more servers would be coming to the game, despite the original games intent to have everyone in one instance.

In other news, Valorant esports head has shared details about “significant” changes coming in 2022.

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