‘Moss: Book 2’ gets March release date

Gaming's cutest protagonist will return in just a few weeks

Polyarc has announced that VR title Moss: Book 2 will launch in just a few weeks, meaning fans won’t have long to wait before picking up Quill’s tale once again.

Today (March 17) it was revealed that Moss: Book 2 will launch on March 31.

A sequel to VR adventure game Moss: Book 1, the second game will follow a mouse named Quill as she tries to overthrow the Arcane and save the world.


The game will launch on PS4 and PS5, however since it’s a VR title, a suitable headset will be required to play.

Ahead of launch, NME was able to sit down with Polyarc’s Josh Stiksma, the game’s principle engineer and design director, to discuss what fans can expect from the sequel.

Moss: Book 2. Credit: Polyarc.
Moss: Book 2. Credit: Polyarc.

According to Stiksma, Moss: Book 2 will be less linear than the first game, and players will be encouraged to return to previous areas they have explored to unlock new routes.

The game will also include “quite a lot of environments to explore”, which Stiksma shared would include “a lot of variation” for players to find.

Stiksma also added that Moss: Book 2 was a chance for the team at Polyarc to build upon certain things it liked about the first game.


“We wanted to have more varied types of interactions as you go through the game, and then one of the things we really wanted to do is try to tell a bit more of the story in the world versus just strictly in the book,” explained Stiksma. “I don’t know how we pulled it off but there’s quite a lot of in-game cinematic experiences that I think are just really powerful when you’re seeing it in the game.”

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