‘Mount & Blade 2’ mod lets you fight ‘Crusader Kings 3’ battles

Crusader Blade mod combines both games

A new mod allows you to fight Crusader Kings 3 battles in Mount & Blade 2 in real-time – sending the results between games and saving your campaign progress.

The Crusader Blade mod takes the composition of your battles from Crusader Kings 3 and imports them into Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord allowing you to fight your battle there.

Once the battle is over, the mod then sends the result back to Crusader Kings 3 where you pick up your campaign.


The mod essentially combines the mechanics of both games to create the best experience, combining the “best historical strategy” with the “best battle simulator”. It’s an excellent idea with the massive battles of Crusader Kings 3 represented proportionally within Mount & Blade 2.

After all, Crusader Kings 3 can often involve huge number of combatants, especially when large empires begin to clash or if you’re involved in a crusade. Mount & Blade 2, on the other hand, supports only several thousand units on screen at the same time.

The proportional approach doesn’t just apply to army totals either – if you lost 6% of your archers in the Mount & Blade 2 battle, then 6% of your archers will have died when they’re back in Crusader Kings 3. A neat approach that gets around the obvious limitations.

If you want to give Crusader Blade a try, you’ll have to set a maximum battle size to ensure the switch between games works properly. Then, set Mount & Blade 2 to run in windowed or borderless full-screen mode, and make sure the mod can find the executables for both games.

You can download the mod at the Crusader Blade website, while future updates will ensure the mod remains compatible with DLC.


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