‘MultiVersus’ beats out ‘Elden Ring’ as highest-grossing game of July

This is despite the game being free-to-play

MultiVersus has debuted as the highest-grossing game of July 2022, beating out the ever-present Elden Ring for the month.

According to the latest NPD sales report, free-to-play crossover fighting game MultiVersus was the highest-grossing game of July, its debut month. Despite the game being free-to-play, the game’s Founder Packs drove sales. These packs include character tickets which allow players to unlock a character of their choosing, alongside in-game currency and numerous cosmetic items.

Prior to July, Elden Ring had been the best-selling game for four of the five months since its release in February. On July’s rankings however, Elden Ring is second to MultiVersus. Elsewhere, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 debuted fourth on the rankings but this data doesn’t take into account sales from the Nintendo eShop.


MultiVersus continues to be popular following its release last month. According to SteamDB, the game continues to peak at around 40,000 players per day. Players continue to speculate on what characters will be added in the future as well, with text from The Matrix and assets relating to The Lord Of The Rings having been found in the game’s files.

Season one of MultiVersus is currently underway, with LeBron James having already been released and Morty from Rick and Morty set to release on August 23. It has now been confirmed that MultiVersus is going to add DC’s Black Adam as well as Stripe from Gremlins in the near future.

In terms of game balance, NME‘s own tier list puts Bugs Bunny, Finn, Harley Quinn and Batman as the predominant fighters in the current meta.

In other news, Final Fantasy 14 players who unintentionally received currency through a housing lottery glitch will receive poster rewards for voluntarily returning the money.

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