‘MultiVersus’ buffing Morty weeks after release

Morty will be receiving buffs in the upcoming patch

MultiVersus’ latest addition Morty is receiving a buff just two weeks after his release.

This comes from game director Tony Huynh who responded to a player’s inquiry on Twitter. The player replied to a tweet from Huynh saying Morty was a weak character to which the game director responded, “Morty got some buffs.” This is in reference to the upcoming patch, set to release on September 8.

Morty was released on August 23 and the balance team is already making adjustments to the bruiser. The specifics of Morty’s buffs are currently unknown but we will find out more when MultiVersus’ official patch notes are released.


Huynh shared that the design team is currently working on patch notes and they will likely be released “early this week.” The upcoming patch is supposed to be a big one and Huynh is hoping to get the patch notes out before the patch is released so people have time to digest the changes before they go live.

The new character Gizmo from Gremlins is also set to be released on September 8. Not much is currently known about Gizmo’s kit but the teaser suggests he will be a defensive fighter who can shield himself by hiding in a box. Unless they take the Gremlins 2 route that is.

Much like the aforementioned Morty who was separated from his partner-in-crime Rick, Gizmo and Stripe will be two separate characters. Stripe’s release date is currently unknown, as is Rick’s. Both are expected sooner rather than later, however.

In other news, Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games has released an updated roadmap. Despite the delays caused by the optimisation of the virtual reality version of the game, Phasmophobia will be receiving highly-anticipated custom difficulty options and a new map called Sunny Meadows later this month.