‘MultiVersus’ players say the game won’t load with mods installed

The change apparently came with the recent Season One patch

Now that the Season One update for MultiVersus is live, players are reporting that the game won’t launch if any mods are installed.

Mods are a core part of the life of platform fighter MultiVersus, with Nexus Mods being home to a number of character reskins and higher FPS limits in the game. A Minecraft Walter White skin can even replace Finn from Adventure Time.

The time for these MultiVersus mods may be over however, as a number of players are reporting that the game won’t boot up at all if any mods are installed. (via GamesRadar).


“With this recent patch, Warner made it so the game won’t launch with any mods in,” said a MultiVersus leaker that goes by Susie. With another user saying “they killed modding of any kind.”

Warner Bros. has been stringent with its control of the MultiVersus modding scene from the start, as earlier this month a streamer contacted Player First Games co-founder and MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh about a copyright strike.

The streamer shared a copyright strike from Warner Bros. with Huynh, saying they “never broke any rules in the game and I definitely didn’t abuse the copyright system”. Huynh then replied with: “It’s because you’ve been streaming with a modded client.”

After being asked if it was because the streamers game client used a mod that replaced the background with a picture of Walter White, Huynh said they would have a discussion with the team that manages copyright strikes.

“I never intended any harm, I just wanted to showcase funny skin mods that have zero impact in the game,” replied the Twitch streamer.


In other news, the PC port of Marvel’s Spider-Man has had its first patch, with Insomniac Games and Nixxes Software saying another “more substantial” one is on the way.