‘MultiVersus’ to nerf Bugs Bunny for a second time

Nerf season, buff season

Player First Games is set to weaken Bugs Bunny for a second time in platform fighter MultiVersus, but the looney tune should still be viable.

As with any live service fighting game, a constant stream of nerfs and buffs (making characters either weaker or stronger respectively) is what keeps play fun and fair, and Bugs Bunny is no exception.

According to game director Tony Huynh, the rabbit will see a nerf soon after EVO, the fighting game tournament, which will run between August 5 and 7 (via GamesRadar).


Huynh then asserts that the character will “always be fun,” however.

There’s no clear indication as to exactly when, or how, Bugs Bunny will be nerfed in MultiVersus, but this isn’t the first weakening of the character.

This will be the second change to Bugs Bunny in the game, after his Air Up attack had its startup window increased by two frames and its active window decreased by two frames. Player First Games said “the hitbox made it so that Bugs Bunny hit nearly all around himself. This should make the up air a bit more reasonable to deal with.”

Another tweet from Huynh today outlines some other character changes in a recent patch: “We rolled out an online only patch earlier, that should improve on the Batman Grapple (but not all the way), Steven air knockback is fixed, and we think we finally fixed Iron Giant Air Down Special infinite.”

In NME’s preview of MultiVersus, Cheri Faulkner said: “For an open beta the game is well-refined, has plenty of content and the gameplay feels balanced and fair, for the majority of the time. If the advertising stays away, rather ironically I am entirely sold.”


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