Muse, Paramore and Taylor Swift now have their own versions of ‘Heardle’

BTS, Waterparks and MONSTA X fans have also created band-specific takes of the game

Fans of Muse, Paramore, Taylor Swift and Waterparks have created band-specific versions of Heardle – find out where to play below:

The original version of Heardle provides players a daily challenge where they must guess a song and the artist in the least amount of time possible. Recent answers have included hits by Arctic Monkeys, Spice Girls and Red Hot Chilli Peppers but fans have created a few band-specific versions of the game for a more in-depth challenge.

First up there’s Muse Heardle which features album tracks and b-sides. The game has been officially endorsed by the band and you can find it here.


Then there’s Paramore Heardle, which also includes tracks from their five-album back catalogue alongside standalone singles and b-sides. Check it out here.

Following on from the Taylor Swift version of Wordle (Taylordle), there’s also now a Swiftie take on Heardle to play alongside it.

There’s also a Waterparks version of the game which has confused the band and can be played here.

In the world of K-pop, fans can play MONSTA X or EXO versions of the game (here and here) while a BTS take on the name-that-tune games gives players seven tries in honour of the group’s seven members while also offering them the chance to collect band member photos from every era of the group.


Earlier this month, a Sonic The Hedgehog version of Heardle was unveiled, pulling music from across Sonic’s 31-year legacy. 

In other news, Epic Games has announced that a line of Wu-Tang Clan cosmetics are coming to Fortnite, which RZA has dubbed “Fortangerous”.

Set to release tomorrow (April 23), the Wu-Tang Clan crossover will bring two outfits and a slew of other cosmetics and emotes. Just like Fortnite‘s recent Coachella-themed outfits, the Wu-Tang Back Bling items will be music reactive, and will create different visual effects whenever the player hears music playing in the game.

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