Musician impersonates streamer Ninja to sneak into Lollapalooza 2021 – brags on TikTok

This isn't the first time Nick Wold has dressed up as the streaming superstar

A musician impersonating popular Twitch streamer Ninja snuck into Lollapalooza 2021 and met numerous celebrities in the process.

Nick Wold, the lead vocalist and guitar player for the band Dreamers, dressed up like Ninja and snuck his way into Lollapalooza 2021. The musician wore a facemask and had Ninja’s light blue hairstyle and his signature headband.

Wold snuck his way into the festival after hearing a rumour that entry was easier from a boat. After getting off the boat, Wold walked through security without any challenge and made his way to the side of the stage.

@dreamersjoinusI not only watched artists for free @ lollapalooza but I got to hang out with my heros like chance & post malone. Even ROLLING STONE published NINJA!!

♬ FVN! – Lvl1


Woldren watched artists like Limp Bizkit, Journey and Post Malone and met several artists while posing as Ninja. The musician’s look was so believable that Rolling Stone posted an image of Woldron posing backstage. The image has now been deleted.

Wold was eventually told to leave when musician and rapper Oliver Tree called out the impersonator, saying, “this guy is faking Ninja [the] video gamer”. This isn’t the first time Wold has impersonated Ninja, as he was spotted last month attending a celebrity basketball game.

Ninja previously attended Lollapalooza in 2019, where he streamed Fortnite in front of a live crowd at the Red Bull stage. This was the streamer’s first Mixer stream, as he had previously announced his departure from Twitch shortly before the event. Ninja, real name Tyler Blevins, was met with heckling at the event, with some crowd members calling him a sellout for leaving Twitch.

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