Naoki Yoshida provides follow up on ‘Final Fantasy 14’ housing lottery bug

Yoshida initially addressed the housing issue on April 16, but has said more today

Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of Final Fantasy 14, has provided clarification on the game’s ongoing housing lottery bug.

With the arrival of patch 6.1, Final Fantasy 14 introduced the new Ishgardian residential district, the Empyreum, as well as a new feature that would allow players to join a lottery system in order to obtain a house.

However, on April 16, there were reports from players who were met with messages saying that there were zero winners after the lottery countdown, which led Yoshida to release a statement apologising for the bugged system (on April 16).


The problem has been ongoing for a couple of days since, but today (April 18) Yoshida released a new statement via the Final Fantasy 14 Lodestone, which provided further clarification and the next steps the team will be taking.

a cityscape. Gothic architecture, tall spires
Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

Yoshida began by apologising for his earlier statement which led to some confusion among players, adding that he should have said that “there are many patterns involved for the lottery entry conditions” as opposed to his initial statement which said that “there are many patterns involved for the lottery conditions.”

“Although the development team is continuing to put their full effort into investigating and verifying the housing lottery issue, we have yet to identify the root cause, and it appears we will require additional time to do so,” he explained.

The director went on to say that there are three primary issues occurring with the lottery system. These include an issue where the winning lottery number is zero, lotteries with a single entry result in no winners or entries, and a problem where there is no winner despite entries being made by multiple friends or free company members.

“We will continue to carefully investigate and address the causes of these types of occurrences,” Yoshida continued. “We still have the lottery data, and it is possible for us to confirm the status of entry applications through our database server logs.”


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