Naoki Yoshida wants to work on ‘Final Fantasy 14’ for another decade

Yoshida has also outlined what's next for 'Final Fantasy 14'

Final Fantasy 14 game director Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida has shared his hopes for the MMO’s future, including his intention to work on the game for another ten years.

During a Square Enix Mahjong livestream, Yoshida was able to discuss what’s next for Final Fantasy 14. As translated by this Reddit post (via WindowsCentral), Yoshida said that as he’s healthy, he aims to continue working on Final Fantasy 14. On this topic, Yoshida said that he plans to work on the MMO for another ten years – something that’s apparently keeping him too busy to try the new raids.

In the same stream, Yoshida shared some information on what’s on the horizon for Final Fantasy 14. This includes side story updates for Endwalker similar to those that previous expansions have received, as well as major changes to jobs in patch 6.1. As for what else will be included in the patch, Yoshida said the first part of a 6.1 preview is set to release in March.


Yoshida added that job changes coming in patch 6.08 would be numeral only, and big changes won’t release until 6.1.

Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

There are also plans to release scale figures for Final Fantasy 14, and a “rush” of interviews will start to be published from next Tuesday (February 1). According to Yoshida, these interviews will include explaining interpretations of Endwalker‘s plot.

Finally, a “special edition” live letter from the producer is planned for February and will include a roadmap for version 6 updates and beyond, as well as an outline for game’s direction following Endwalker.

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