‘NBA 2K23”s The City will feature a “new mecca of competition”

The revamped area is only available on current-gen consoles though

2K Games has announced that The City will be making a return in NBA 2K23, with the revamped area offering “an incredibly authentic way for players to experience basketball culture.”

The City will be “closely tied” to NBA 2K23’s career mode and, according to VP of NBA development at 2K Erick Boenisch, “lets players truly live out their career in a unique way on their journey to legendary status on and off the court.”

He goes on to add that “community feedback has been key in the new innovations we’ve added and we look forward to players experiencing everything we’ve brought to NBA 2K23 this year.”


The revamped City area will be “slightly smaller” than the one found in NBA 2K22 “to provide a better experience,” with fast travel stations also included to enable players to traverse the area as quickly as possible.

City will also host seasonal rewards, with a fresh set available to earn every six weeks at no extra cost.

2K has also completely revamped the boroughs in an attempt to “really touch upon the true essence of each borough”. City also introduces the Block, which is a “new mecca of competition” while the Jordan Challenge Building will provide players with easy-access new in-game modes and the Theater will enables instant matchmaking games. According to a press release “every Friday, the four-event playlist will completely swap out to four new events.”

NBA 2K23 will also feature the Arena. “To prepare for the game, players will enter and show off their fit in front of the waiting media, complete any available quests, and more, followed by taking questions from the media post-game.”

The City is only available on current-gen consoles, so players will need a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S to access it.


NBA 2K23 is due out Friday, September 9 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

In other news, head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty wants to show off Playground Games‘ Fable, but the developer has refused and wants it to be ready first.

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