Neill Blomkamp-backed battle royale ‘Off The Grid’ releases its first trailer

The 'District 9' director has been building the game's world

Off The Grid – a cyberpunk battle royale being developed by Gunzilla Games – has had its first teaser trailer released alongside the confirmation that film director Neill Blomkamp is involved with the game’s development.

An official teaser trailer for Off The Grid was released by Gunzilla Games yesterday (May 4), which can be watched below.

A “cyberpunk-styled battle royale third person shooter,” the game’s world, narrative and character’s were built by Blomkamp, with help from Gunzilla Games staff. Blomkamp is best known as the director of films like District 9, Elysium and Chappie – which blend sci-fi with more grounded elements.


According to Off The Grid’s own website, the game will see 150 players fight each other in a battle royale-style game, which features both player vs player (PvP) fights and player vs environment (PvE) storyline missions.

Players will also “control how the story unfolds, with each decision made directly impacting everyone’s gameplay,” as they can also craft, customise and trade their in-game items with one another.

Built in Unreal Engine 5, Gunzilla Games tweeted today (May 5) that players can also “choose a faction [and] fight for dominance in an all-out corporate war.”

Off The Grid
Off The Grid. Credit: Gunzilla Games

Blomkamp told GameSpot in a recent interview: “We’re trying to decide the best way of doing [factions]. But I think the idea of a larger story that is told from different points of view is definitely a key pillar.”


“So on this island, you have corporate sabotage and espionage and things that are happening that result in the hiring of assassins – those are basically the players that you embody – and through doing that, you can see how this world of refugees and contractors and mercenaries-for-hire and corporate elites all create this really interesting bubbling powder keg of conflict and layers and layers and layers of characters and stories that you can go into in different ways in the future,” added Blomkamp.

Off The Grid is set for a 2023 release date on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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