‘Nerf: Legends’ launches on PC and consoles in October

The game is a fast-paced FPS set in a futuristic sci-fi world

Nerf: Legends is a first-person shooter launching in October for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Nerf: Legends is a fast-paced FPS set in a futuristic sci-fi world and will have players face off against legions of robots as well as “ultimate boss masters” in a single-player action experience or with friends in online multiplayer.

You can check out the Nerf: Legends announcement trailer below:


The game’s key features include:

  • 15 authentic Nerf blasters from the Mega, Ultra and Elite lines, including new releases from 2021
  • A single-player campaign featuring a variety of extreme enemies, boss battles and challenges across 19 out-of-this-world locations
  • Power-ups like magnetic pull darts, push darts, seeker darts, and slow darts to use in battle
  • Customisable character and personalized blasters with upgradeable perks and skins
  • 4v4 team-based and eight-player free-for-all online multiplayer matches featuring cross-platform play across consoles

Nerf: Legends is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. A dedicated release date has yet to be confirmed but is available for pre-order now.

In other news, No More Robots has announced its brand new title, Not Tonight 2, set to launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch later this year. The sequel explores an alternative, defective America, where capitalism and political greed have taken centre stage, and democracy is a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, Spec Ops: The Line developer and Nine Inch Nails guitarist has opened a new game studio called Eyes Out. The studio is working on a “single-player immersive cosmic horror game”.

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