Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’ is getting an “action game” adaptation

Hanyang awaits

Action Square has announced its next gaming project, Kingdom: The Blood – a “K-zombie action game” developed by Action Square.

Kingdom: The Blood is based on Kingdom, a popular Korean drama show that began in 2019 and currently has two seasons and a special released on Netflix. The show is a Netflix original, meaning the streaming service owns the intellectual property.

Kingdom is a peculiar mix of period political thriller and zombie survival action, but this mix surprisingly works very nicely for the show.


Developer Action Square is a South Korean developer behind the co-op top-down shooter Anvil. The trailer, viewable below, showcases the player fighting off a horde of zombies.

Particular attention is being paid to respecting Korean culture during the game’s development. Action Square has stated it will be treating Korean culture “with the utmost care in both gameplay and aesthetic.” The studio will also be motion-capturing a professional Korean sword dancer in order to accurately capture the unique style of Korean sword fighting.

Kingdom: The Blood will have two game modes, the first being a story mode which follows the plot of the television show. The other mode is called Conquest and will contain small sequential battles, boss battles and player versus player combat.

The player will be able to create their own characters, with customisable features and a wide range of traditional Korean outfits such as various Hanboks to choose from.

Kingdom: The Blood doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will be released on both PC and mobile devices. There is no word yet of the game coming to consoles.


In other news, Nintendo has issued a warning to Nintendo Switch owners amidst the ongoing heatwave in Japan. The console can only function at certain temperatures.