New accessibility options for ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ revealed

Including customisable subtitles, aiming tools and more

Ubisoft has detailed a number of the accessibility options that will be available to players when Watch Dogs: Legion launches later this year.

The studio revealed the accessibility options with an interview with Mihai Alexandru Nuta, associate producer at Ubisoft Kyiv. He explained the company’s approach to customisation, saying that “giving players more ways to approach a game differently goes a long way towards keeping them invested”.

Nuta remarked that all control schemes in the upcoming game are fully customisable, along with the aim-assist and aim-magnetism tools. Puzzles can be made easier, aiming can be set to auto-lock and other motion effects can be limited.


Subtitles can also be customised by size, colour and background, and gameplay will include closed captions and audio captions if needed. In-game tutorials, aids and displays can be toggled on and off, and accessed from the pause menu.

Colour-blind presets are being included, and the HUD will feature a bevy of options for sizing and visiblity. Several features are also introduced to help guide the player, and menus will come with a narration mode, with male and female voices.

The blogpost also includes a partial list of customization features, which will be unique to PC and console players. Check out the full interview at the official Ubisoft website.

Watch Dogs: Legion is scheduled to launch on October 29 for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia. Players who purchase the Xbox One or PS4 versions of the game will also unlock access to the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 versions of the games when those consoles launch.

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