New Animal Crossing datamine keeps hopes of a warm cup of coffee alive

Could Brewster be about to make a long-awaited return to the game?

A new datamine has suggested that Nintendo could be gearing up to bring back a much-loved feature of Animal Crossing for New Horizons.

First introduced in 2005’s Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS, Brewster and his cafe The Roost have been a constant presence through City Folk, Pocket Camp and New Leaf. His hangout offers mugs of piping hot coffee for 200 bells, usually from within the Museum.

So far though, they’ve both been missing from New Horizons.


A new datamine has found evidence that means that could be about to change though. As found by Dodocodes, the latest 1.11 update features a change to the code for “IdrMuseumCafe”, which was first introduced in the 1.10 update alongside a third type of Museum entrance known as “IdrMuseumEnt03”.

Also included in the new update is the code “cNpcMemory:TalkProgressMuseumBuiltCafe” which could possibly be used in the future when islanders congratulate the player on expanding the Museum.

This latest evidence follows on from a datamine last April that discovered two possible upgrades for the Museum. The first appeared via the Spring Upgrade in the form of the Art Exhibit but the second has yet to be used.

It follows on from Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser promising “new and fun activities to engage with” in New Horizons while last week (July 27) Nintendo confirmed that “more free content” for Animal Crossing is “currently in development” and will arrive at some point later this year.


In other news, according to social media reports, construction appears to have started on Super Nintendo World Japan’s Donkey Kong expansion despite the new area not being officially announced by Universal Studios.

Photos show construction cranes and a jungle background, while earlier images make it look like a minecart-themed rollercoaster ride is also being built. While Universal hasn’t formally announced the new area, information regarding the plans for it have been available since 2019.

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