New ‘Breath Of The Wild’ glitch lets players snag the Master Sword early

'BOTW' continues to be broken in new and interesting ways

A new The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild glitch found by fans allows players to attain the Master Sword far earlier than normal.

The Master Sword is one of only a few non-destructible weapons in the game, and players are not normally able to access it until much later in the game. In order to access the weapon, the players need a certain number of hearts, which are unlocked by exploring the world and beating shrines.

The glitch, which was found by Twitter user Bot__W, is incredibly simple. Players simply need to place a campfire in a specific place next to the Master Sword, and look up towards the cherry blossom above.


By pressing the prompt to wait at the vampire, players can then wait until the morning and mash A during the transition. If done successfully, players will be able to swipe the Master Sword as Link wakes up.

YouTuber Limcube breaks the glitch down in the video above, showing players how to grab the Master Sword. “I know, this is a joke, right? But it is actually a thing, and it took us four years to find this,” commented Limcube in the video.

This is a pretty big exploit which dramatically reduces the time-investment of gaining the Master Sword, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Nintendo patches this particular bug.

Breath Of The Wild released alongside the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. Nintendo also released the game on Wii U, which it was originally announced for.

Breath Of The Wild has maintained a level of popularity amongst speed-runners and glitchers as a result of its emergent game design. The game has several mechanics and systems, which all interact with one another, allowing players to find unusual and creative exploits.


One exploit involves Link bouncing off an enemy with his shield, which then flings him across the map at great speed. This particular exploit is popular in the speed-running community.

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