New Colombian Netflix show accused of copying ‘GTA V’ art

The show's opening credits contain images and character poses that look suspiciously similar

A new Colombian Netflix show has an opening credits sequence that some are audiences accusing of copying artwork from GTA V.

The Snitch Cartel: Origins is a show that launched on the streaming platform this summer, but it’s only now that GTA V fans on Reddit have noticed some “suspiciously similar” images to the game’s artwork, as reported in Dexerto.

While the open-world Rockstar Games title is known for its photorealistic visuals, the artwork adorning the boxed game and loading screens have more of a cartoonish graphical novel aesthetic also used in past installments.


The opening credits for The Snitch Cartel: Origins also has a similar style but fans have been sharing side-by-side comparisons to show how some character poses are copied verbatim from artwork and loading screens from both GTA V and GTA Online.

One image in particular doesn’t just copy a pose of one of the main characters Michael holding a wad of cash, but also exact details like the creases of his trousers.

“As a designer, there are a few immediate things you look for in these sorts of situations to see just how much of the design was stolen from something else,” another Reddit user comments. “More often than not, a designer will copy the form of something EXACTLY because they perceive it to be perfect.”

While some fans are calling for Rockstar to sue Netflix, the developer has also been caught in a lawsuit in the past when Lindsay Lohan alleged that a GTA V character was based on her.


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