New ‘Crusader Kings III’ introduces changes to Men-at-Arms and more

Men-at-arms free for all!

Crusader Kings III has received its latest patch, the 1.4.0 update ‘Azure’ which will bring lots of quality of life changes.

Paradox Interactive has revealed the upcoming changes coming to Crusader Kings III, its medieval grand strategy game. ‘Azure’ introduces a wealth of changes, including the ability to raise Men-at-Arms units independently. Rulers will also start with a handful of Men-at-Arms already hired, allowing players to defend themselves in the early stages of the game.

Other changes include the addition of the Meet Peers activity for children that lets them forge relationships with other kids. Certain character traits are also now designed to give access to different interactions and decisions than those previously available.


Faction behaviours have also seen a change, as ‘Azure’ attempts to make factions act in more realistic ways, to ensure that Crusader Kings III focuses on: “the complex life of a medieval ruler – full of political dilemmas – beyond painting the map”.

Paradox Interactive also has plans to roll out an open beta on Steam shortly after the release of the update. All of the extensive balance changes, bug fixes and patch notes are available on the official Paradox Interactive Forums.

During this year’s online fan conference, PDXcon, Paradox unveiled Victoria 3 the long-awaited sequel to the Victorian-era grand strategy game Victoria 2. Games start in 1836 and continue through to 1936; players will be able to play as one of the many different nation states of the time period.

Game Director Martin Anward explained Paradox Interactive’s plans for Victoria 2, confirming the return of Victoria “pop system” for population management.

“Our vision for Victoria 3 is to create what we call a ‘Society Sim’ – a game that is first and foremost about the internal workings of the 19th-century country that you are playing” he explained.