New ‘Deathloop’ trailer reveals more about protagonist Colt

The game releases on September 14

Deathloop has had yet another trailer, this time at yesterday’s (September 9) PlayStation Showcase, before the game releases on September 14.

The Arkane Studios title trailer has three minutes of frenetic gameplay and more information about Blackreef, where the game takes place. Of course the time loop mechanic gets more play, with protagonist Colt Vahn getting sent messages from the future whilst stuck in the loop.


Most interestingly, the trailer reveals that Colt is seemingly the head of security on the prison-party island, and he has no idea why that is.

A PlayStation Blog post was published alongside the trailer where senior content manager of Bethesda Softworks Anne Lewis reveals more about the game. “It started off as an isolated fishing colony,” says Lewis of Blackreef. “But an anomaly in the area eventually attracted the attention of the military, and further down the line, the attention of the founding members of the AEON Program.”

These members are using the island to live forever, but the loop has been giving residents amnesia, which also happens to be the exact position Colt finds himself in.

Deathloop. Credit: Arkane Studios

NME had a preview of Deathloop, and we said that the game “is the kind of idea that only an immersive sim developer could cook up. A beautiful world full of bizarre characters and a concept that an idiot like me needs a notepad to keep track of.”

“Two assassins are locked in a time loop, with your lead character Colt trying to shoot and wisecrack his way out, while Julianna tries to maintain the status quo by taking Colt out. Again and again and again.”


Elsewhere, in an NME exclusive you can listen to the main theme of Deathloop, titled ‘Welcome to Blackreef’, composed by the award-winning Tom Salta.